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The First Self-Hosted Help Desk, Live Chat & AI Chat Bot Plugin for WordPress

Manage Your Help Desk, Knowledge Base, AI ChatBot, and Live Chat Support - All from Your WordPress, Completely Self-Hosted.

Swift Customer Response Management for Your WordPress Site

Smart AI-based Live Chat and Chatbots.

Enhance customer support efficiency with Live Chat.

Automate responses to common queries using AI Chatbots.

Improve customer satisfaction with accurate assistance.

Proper Analytical Ticket Stats

Easily analyze the ticket stats as full-proof data such as the number of received tickets, undefined, etc. Filter the reports based on specific periods and improve ticket management clarity.

Gain Customer insights using Custom Fields

In Hive Support, you can easily customize the ticket submission form with various fields such as text field, text area field, number field, dropdown field, etc.

Turn your ticket management system more reliable with Automation

Powerful Automation

Create the automation template with a trigger event, condition, and action. When the condition will be matched the automation process will be automatically performed. Add multiple conditions and actions for the triggering events. Craft unlimited automations for various purposes.

Saved Templates

Improve your ticket management tasks response time with canned responses. You can easily create various response automation templates based on commonly asked customer questions. So the agents can easily reply by choosing them and do faster responses.

Fuel Your Growth with Hive Support

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Assist Your Customers Anytime, Anywhere.

Hive Support's smartphone application will be available on Android as well as iOS operating systems. It will help you to monitor & manage your support management tasks anywhere you want.

Detail customer history and activities

Gain insights about customer information, including their activities like creating and responding to tickets. This enables efficient query management and enhances the quality of customer service provided.

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Add Private or Public Notes

Intensify customer service by including public and private notes for tickets. These notes assist agents in resolving issues more efficiently, providing a seamless and personalized support experience.

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Support Portal for Customers

Build a live support portal for customer support tickets. From the support portal, they can easily see all their created ticket and replies. It will enhance the customer support experience.

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