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Hive Support has a bunch of quality features for managing support tasks more swiftly. Enhance customer experience and optimize the growth.

Ticket management system

Manage your tickets from the user-friendly interface with customizable features.

Response Templates

To make your customer support team's job easier, you can create a response template. This way, they can quickly and easily respond to customer inquiries.

Ticket Reports

Get proper analytical reports about tickets with the date filtering option.

Custom Ticket Fields

You can easily customize the ticket fields with various elements such as text, number, area, etc.

Response Automation

Create multiple response automation templates with various conditions.

Manage Support Agents

Essential option for adding and managing existing support agents.

Agent performance reports

Get agent performance reports and their activities to make productive decisions to grow your business.

Monitor Agent Activites

Proper interface for monitoring the support agent's activities such as opened tickets, closed tickets, assigned tickets, etc.