What Is The Best Customer Support Plugin For WordPress

What Is The Best Customer Support Plugin For WordPress

Yakub Hasan

14 February, 2024

A customer support plugin can help you give great customer service, which is important for any business. It can be hard to pick the right one when there are so many to choose from. We’ll look at the best customer support plugin for WordPress and their most important features in this piece. 

Most of the plugins have almost the same features for helpdesk and customer support. You will find that shortly. We will also talk about why customer service is important for WordPress sites and how a customer service plugin can help you make your site better for users and make it work better. It doesn’t matter what size your business is; this piece will help you pick the best free customer support plugin for your WordPress site.

Before you dive into details, you can instantly pick from these 9 helpdesk WordPress plugins. They are Awesome Support, Hive Support, Fluent Support, and Support Candy.

But Hive Support is a revolutionary fresh and top-notch customer support plugin that breaks the stigma and offers some innovative features. Which you can avail from their pro version. 

So without wasting time let’s hop in.

What is customer support plugin for WordPress?

Customer support plugins for WordPress are powerful plugins that let online businesses add help desk features right into their WordPress sites. 

Using a customer support plugin on the WordPress website, you can 

Create Help Desk: Customers can now send tickets, check on their progress, and find answers to common questions all in one place.

Manage tickets: It’s easy to give tickets to different team members, set priorities for the most important problems, and keep track of how things are going as they get fixed.

Offer live chat support: This lets you talk to people immediately, answer their questions, and help them on your website.

Offer Automation: The plugin should offer automation features, such as automated responses and ticket assignments, to ease the support process and reduce response times.

Check Analytics and insights: The plugin should provide valuable insights into customer support metrics, such as response times, ticket volume, and customer satisfaction ratings, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and measure the success of your support efforts.

Customize Functionality: The plugin should be customizable, allowing you to customize your features to your specific needs and branding.

Get a User-friendly interface: The plugin should offer an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for both your support team and customers, ensuring smooth navigation and efficient support management.

Scale Up: The plugin should scale with your business, allowing you to accommodate growing customer support needs and simplify your support process as your business grows.

Build knowledge base: To help your customers find answers on their own, you can write and post articles and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Integrate with other tools: A proper WordPress customer support plugin lets you connect other services you use, like social media accounts, email marketing platforms, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems to make your job more dynamic and effective.

Use Mobile App to stay uptime: A mobile app with a customer support plugin for WordPress can significantly enhance the customer support experience. The agents can quickly respond and manage tickets on time without any barrier to a workstation.

Become proactive with AI Feature: AI in customer support plugins enables proactive and efficient support by automating routine tasks, providing personalized interactions, and improving the accuracy and reliability of support responses.

So, if you manage and track support tickets directly from the WordPress dashboard, you can improve the user experience, increase sales, enhance the website’s functionality, improve customer satisfaction, and save time. If you wanna know more about customer support, check ‘How to Streamline Your Customer Support‘ for invaluable insights and strategies.

Why is customer service important for WordPress sites?

Customer service is very important for WordPress sites because it has a direct effect on how happy users are, how loyal they are to the brand, and how much the business grows. 

Here are some reasons why customer service is important for WordPress sites:

Better speed of the website:

Good customer service can help fix problems that might slow down a website, making sure it runs smoothly and posts pages quickly.

Quick answer: 

Having good customer service is important for quickly answering questions and fixing problems, which can help your search engine results and make users happier.

More satisfied customers: 

Giving great customer service can make customers happier, which can make them more loyal to your brand and help your business grow.

Responsive support: 

Customers like it when companies listen to their problems and questions, so it’s important to provide quick and helpful support.

User experience and easy navigation: 

Customer service is a key part of making sure that people have a pleasant and easy time on your website, which can lead to more sales and conversions.

How can a Customer support plugin leverage a WordPress website?

To leverage a customer support plugin for your WordPress site, consider the following steps:

  • Do some research and pick a customer service plugin that fits the needs of your site and has the features you want.
  • Make sure the plugin works with your theme and other plugins before you install and start it on your WordPress site.
  • You can change the plugin’s settings to suit your needs. For example, you can set up feedback systems, FAQ parts, or contact forms.
  • Tell your users about the plugin and encourage them to contact you if they need help or have questions.
  • Keep an eye on how well the plugin works and make changes as needed to improve the user experience and help it work better.

By adding a customer service plugin to your WordPress site, you can make it more helpful and easy for people to use. This will lead to more customer satisfaction, trust, and business growth.

So far we know about the features, importance, and how it leverages our WordPress site. Let’s find out the best free customer support plugin WordPress.

What is the best customer support plugin for WordPress?

1. Awesome Support

Awesome Support is a popular WordPress helpdesk plugin for customer support. It is a flexible and feature-rich help desk plugin that helps businesses handle support requests from customers quickly and easily. This plugin is made to be easy to use and has many features that make customer service on WordPress sites better.

2. Hive Support

Hive Support is a WordPress plugin that provides a helpdesk and customer support ticket system for businesses. It is a multipurpose and feature-rich plugin that allows businesses to manage customer queries and support right from their WordPress dashboard.

It offers a dedicated support portal where users can create and view the status of their support requests, centralizing customer support tickets in a secure, unified dashboard. Hive support has built-in AI features and mobile app options for its users. Unlike other SaaS-based plugins, Hive support Plugin does not store your data in the cloud. Rather, all your data is stored on your system, making it one of the best WordPress support and help desk plugins in the market.

Hive Support has both free and pro versions. You can seamlessly integrate Hive Support into many other apps to leverage your customer support and ticketing system.

3. Fluent Support

Fluent Support is great for websites that need a complete support system so they can handle customer questions quickly from their WordPress website.

Users can make support requests and check on their progress through a dedicated support site. All customer support tickets are kept in one centralized dashboard.

The plugin is meant to help businesses stay organized, so it’s a good choice for companies that need an orderly way to handle customer service.

4. SupportCandy

The SupportCandy is a professional WordPress plugin for support tickets that makes customer service easier.  Its simple interface, email alert system, and ability to send agents to work together to make your customers happier and improve the experience of people visiting your website.

This plugin has a lot of useful features. You can customize the ticket forms so that information about the user can be gathered when they submit a help request. This customization ensures that the data is full and useful. It helps to solve queries successfully in real-time.

5. WordPress Advanced Ticket System, Elite Support Helpdesk

WATS, which stands for “WordPress Advanced Ticket System,” is a well-known and widely used ticket plugin for WordPress sites. In addition to adding a full support ticket system to WordPress, it lets users report problems and get help right on the website through tickets.

6. KB Support – WordPress Help Desk and Knowledge Base

KB Support is a help desk plugin for WordPress that lets you easily handle tickets. It makes it easy to handle questions from customers, assign help staff, and keep track of work. It also lets you add a form for submitting tickets to the front end of your website, send email alerts automatically, and share files.

It comes with an information base that customers can use to find answers on their own. This could cut down on the general amount of support requests your help desk gets.

7. JS Help Desk – Best Help Desk & Support Plugin

Businesses can use the JS Help Desk WordPress plugin to set up a full help desk and support ticket system. The customer service system is full, professional, simple, and easy to use. It has a support site where users can make requests for help and see how they’re progressing. This puts all customer support tickets in one safe, centralized display. It has a lot of features.

8. Octrace Support – WordPress HelpDesk & Support Ticket System Plugin

Octrace Support is a good option for companies that need a complete support system to handle customer questions quickly from their WordPress website.

Users can make support requests and check on their progress through a dedicated support site. All customer support tickets are kept in one safe, centralized dashboard.

9. ThriveDesk – Live Chat, Help Desk & Knowledge Base for WordPress

ThriveDesk is a suitable choice for businesses that require a comprehensive support solution to manage customer queries efficiently from their WordPress dashboard.

It’s one of the best WordPress-based customer service and live chat systems that was carefully made with eCommerce in mind. ThriveDesk opens up a world of possibilities for businesses that want to do well in the tough online market by combining smoothly with WooCommerce, the best eCommerce platform.

At its core, ThriveDesk has a powerful set of features that work well with WooCommerce. This makes it the best choice for any eCommerce business. It gives companies the perfect tools to run their online stores quickly and talk to customers in real-time, with a shared inbox, live chat, and a knowledge base.

WordPress customer support plugins key features

Here’s a table of the WordPress customer support plugins key features:

Plugin NameKey Features
Awesome SupportTicketing, Import, Customizable, Time Tracking, Add-ons, Integration, Translation, Security, Branding, Prioritization, FAQs, Notifications, Internal Notes
Hive SupportTicket management, Customizable, Email piping, Workflow management, Segmentation, Prioritization, Reporting, Internal notes, Saved replies Automation Live Chat
Fluent SupportProduct-based support, File upload, Custom fields, Conditional logic, Email piping, Workflow management, Logging, Ticket types, Prioritization, Reporting, Internal notes, Saved replies
SupportCandyTicket management, Customizable, Email piping, Workflow management, Ticket types, Prioritization, Reporting, Internal notes, Saved replies
WordPress Advanced Ticket System (WATS)Ticket management, Customizable, Notifications, Integration, Frontend/backend submission, Ticket count, Compatibility, Multisite support
KB SupportTicket management, Customizable, Email piping, Workflow management, Ticket types, Prioritization, Reporting, Internal notes, Knowledge base, Real-time notifications, SLAs, Solution suggestions
JS Help DeskTicket management, Customizable, Email piping, Workflow management, Segmentation, Prioritization, Reporting, Internal notes, Saved replies
Octrace SupportBasic functionality, Attachments, Satisfaction survey, Roles/permissions, Email module, Guest tickets, Products module, Automatic assignment, Ticket scheduling
ThriveDeskLive chat, Help desk, Knowledge base, Automation, Customizable, GDPR compliant

Comparison brief of all the plugins based on features:

Ticketing: All plugins offer basic ticketing features, but some provide extra capabilities like product-based support, file uploads, custom fields, and conditional logic.

Customization: Most plugins are customizable to a degree, but Hive Support, ThriveDesk and KB Support stand out for their flexibility.

Email Piping: Many plugins can convert emails into support tickets, streamlining the process.

Workflow Management: Fluent Support, Hive Support, SupportCandy, and KB Support offer workflow management features to organize support processes.

Knowledge Base: KB Support and ThriveDesk provide a knowledge base for self-service support.

Live Chat: ThriveDesk is the only plugin with built-in live chat functionality. But the Hive Support Pro version has Live Chat built in.

Automation: ThriveDesk and Hive Support offer automation features to streamline tasks and reduce manual work.

Integration: Awesome Support integrates with other plugins and services, while ThriveDesk integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce for eCommerce businesses. But Hive Support offers too many integrations to different products.

Security: Awesome Support emphasizes security with private WordPress sites for each customer.

GDPR Compliance: ThriveDesk is designed to align with GDPR regulations.

Which plugin to choose for Customer support, ticketing, and helpdesk?

Well, in these lists all the plugins are the best and have some uniqueness. Several options offer a wide range of features to streamline customer support operations, including ticket management, live chat, knowledge bases, and automation. Each plugin comes with a feature that is very important for your business. Most of the plugins have a pro version. Where you can get additional features that can make your website powerful. 

Some exceptional feature is introduced in the Hive Support plugin. It is new and fresh and offers almost all the features you need to run a complete helpdesk, ticketing, and customer support. The pro version has great support and app features, making it live 24/7.

Whereas other plugins like Awesome Support and Fluent Support have strong stability with their helpdesk functions. 

These plugins are designed to enhance the overall support experience, improve user experience, and boost conversions. Businesses should carefully evaluate the features and benefits of each plugin to determine the best fit for their customer support needs.

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