SAAS Helpdesk vs Self Hosted WordPress Plugin

SaaS Helpdesk vs Self-Hosted WordPress Plugin – Freshdesk VS Hive Support

Fahim Muntasir

21 March, 2024

Ever felt stuck between a rock and a hard place? Like finding yourself in an endless debate about choosing the right tools to manage customer support. You’re not alone! Especially when you want something powerful but easy to use, affordable but packed with features. That’s the struggle between SaaS helpdesks like Freshdesk and self-hosted WordPress plugins like Hive Support.

Let’s break it down. I’ve used both, and let me tell you, there are pros and cons to each. We’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of Freshdesk vs Hive Support, so you can pick the one that best fits your needs and keeps your customers happy.

What are WordPress Plugins?

WordPress plugins are add-ons that enhance the functionality of a WordPress website. These software modules are designed to seamlessly integrate with the WordPress platform, allowing users to easily extend and customize their websites without extensive coding. 

Plugins can range from simple tools for tasks like SEO optimization and social media integration to complex functionalities like e-commerce systems or membership platforms. 

With thousands of plugins available, users can tailor their WordPress sites to meet specific needs, making it a versatile and scalable platform for various types of websites. However, users should be cautious about plugin compatibility, updates, and security to ensure a smooth and secure website experience.

Why should you choose a support plugin for your site?

Well, basically support plugins are more convenient in terms of price. Also, it offers a variety of support-related features without more complexity. Besides that managing SaaS Helpdesk support tools are more difficult for general users.

Pros of Using Self-Hosted WordPress Plugins 

  1. User-Friendly Interface: WordPress boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to users with varying technical expertise. This ease of use allows individuals without extensive coding knowledge to create and manage websites effortlessly.
  1. Extensive Theme and Plugin Ecosystem: The platform provides a vast array of themes and plugins, allowing users to customize their websites according to their specific needs. This versatility is crucial for individuals and businesses looking to create unique and tailored online experiences.
  1. Scalability: WordPress is highly scalable, accommodating the needs of both small blogs and large enterprise websites. Users can start with a basic site and expand its functionality as their requirements evolve, making it a flexible solution for diverse online projects.
  1. SEO-Friendly: WordPress is designed with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. It generates clean and structured code, making it easier for search engines to index content. Additionally, numerous SEO plugins are available to further enhance a site’s visibility on search engine results pages.
  1. Community Support: With a vast and active community of developers, designers, and users, WordPress benefits from ongoing support and updates. Users can find solutions to issues, access tutorials, and stay informed about the latest trends and developments within the WordPress ecosystem.
  1. Security Features: WordPress prioritizes security, with regular updates and a community that actively addresses vulnerabilities. Additionally, there are various security plugins available to enhance website protection, making it a reliable choice for users concerned about online security.
  1. Cost-Effectiveness: WordPress is an open-source platform, meaning it is free to use. Users can choose from a range of free themes and plugins, reducing initial development costs. Even premium themes and plugins tend to be more affordable compared to custom-built solutions.

Cons of Using Self-Hosted WordPress Plugins 

Along with the essential benefits, Self-hosted WordPress has numerous cons for its visitors. 

  1. Performance Issues: The more plugins you install, the heavier your website becomes, potentially leading to slower loading times for visitors. Certain plugins may consume a significant amount of server resources, affecting overall website performance.
  1. Compatibility Challenges: WordPress frequently updates its core, and plugins may not always keep up, resulting in compatibility issues that can break site functionality. Installing multiple plugins increases the likelihood of conflicts, leading to errors or unexpected behavior.
  1. Plugin Bloat: Some plugins come with a wide range of features, but you may only need a fraction of them. This can result in unnecessary bloat, affecting both performance and user experience.

Comprehensive Analysis of A Self-Hosted Plugin – Hive Support

Hive Support is one of the prominent support plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce websites. This powerful support plugin has lots of essential features for the customers. Some of the common features of this plugin are AI chatbot, real-time monitoring, and private & public notes.

Advanced Ticket Management System

SaaS Helpdesk vs Self Hosted WordPress Plugin - Freshdesk VS Hive Support

You already understand that the ticket management system is the most important part of your entire customer service management system. 

Hive Support has the most organized ticket function for the users. You can easily access this function from the dashboard of the plugin. You will be able to see various numbers of tickets from here such as

  • Open tickets: Numbers of tickets that are opened by the agents. 
  • Ticket waiting reply: Numbers of pending tickets. 
  • Active tickets: Number of attended tickets by the agents.
  • Resolved tickets: Number of resolved ticket tickets.

Besides that, you can filter out the tickets in a more focused way. The filtering elements are status, priority, assignee, product, and creation date. Basically, you can understand the overall conditions of the support tickets and agent responses within this single interface.

Manage Support Agents Effectively

It can be challenging to manage the support agents such as agents’ information, assigned tasks, schedules, etc. 

You definitely have various support agents in your company. Each of them is specialized in a specific sector and plays a specific role. So assigning and managing their role and tasks should be easy.

Otherwise, it will become a hassle for you. In Hive Support you don’t need to worry about that problem. Because Hive Support has the most organized function for managing the support agents.

SaaS Helpdesk vs Self Hosted WordPress Plugin - Freshdesk VS Hive Support

You can easily add the support agents with various necessary information such as –

  • Email address
  • First name
  • Last name 
  • Admin
  • Password

Besides that you can see the numbers of replies, solved tickets, and email addresses of the support agents. 

Proper Analytical Reports

SaaS Helpdesk vs Self Hosted WordPress Plugin - Freshdesk VS Hive Support

Tracking your support tickets and agents’ performance is always important. That’s why you needed a whole analytics report about all the running and upcoming activities. In Hive Support you can easily have that facility.

In the report section you can see the ticket stats on multiple factors –

  • Ticket received.
  • Ticket resolved.
  • Ticket unresolved.

This data will be shown as multiple dates. Along with that, you can easily track the agent’s performance such as how many tickets they replied to.

Track the Agent Activities

SaaS Helpdesk vs Self Hosted WordPress Plugin - Freshdesk VS Hive Support

Well, monitoring is always important for the growth of any type of company. That might be big or small, but that doesn’t matter. It improves the workflow of the entire team. 

In Hive Support you can easily monitor the activities of support agents. Just navigate to the activities section of the plugin. As you can see it shows the activities of the agents such as closed tickets, assigned tickets, created tickets, and responded tickets.

Saved Responses

SaaS Helpdesk vs Self Hosted WordPress Plugin - Freshdesk VS Hive Support

Customer satisfaction is always important for the future growth of the company. Because it creates trustworthiness among them. It’s definitely effective for any kind of organization.

Hive Support offers you an option called saved responses. You can easily add various responses for multiple solutions. So the support agents will use these responses whenever they need.

What is SaaS (Software as a service)?

Software as a service is cloud-based self-hosted software. It’s often used by multiple users over the internet connection. These centrally hosted software are mainly focused on subscription-based systems.

The SaaS products are continuously maintained & managed by the service provider. They especially control security issues, software performance, accessibility facts, etc. As an example, we can look at Netflix.

Netflix is considered a subscription-based SaaS product. As you know, Netflix has almost 250 million subscribers. 

These millions of subscribers stream multiple contents from their own devices on Netflix. The main server of this streaming platform is entirely controlled by the company authority. Also, there are multiple types of SaaS products available on the market.

Some of the common categories of SaaS products are customer relationship management, email, etc. 

Advantages of SaaS Products

  1. Scalability: SaaS allows organizations to scale their usage easily, whether it’s adding more users or accessing additional features. This scalability ensures that businesses can adapt to changing requirements without the constraints of traditional software models.
  1. Accessibility and Flexibility: With SaaS, users can access applications from any device with an internet connection. This flexibility promotes remote work and ensures that teams can collaborate seamlessly, fostering productivity and efficiency.
  1. Rapid Deployment: SaaS applications are typically ready to use immediately after subscription. This rapid deployment accelerates time-to-value for businesses, allowing them to quickly integrate new tools and functionalities into their operations.
  1. Global Accessibility: SaaS breaks down geographical barriers, enabling users to access applications from anywhere in the world. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with distributed teams or those looking to expand their global presence.
  1. Improved Collaboration: SaaS fosters collaboration by providing a centralized platform accessible to all authorized users. This facilitates real-time collaboration, file sharing, and communication, enhancing teamwork and communication within an organization.

Disadvantages of SaaS Products

  1. Dependency on Internet Connectivity: SaaS heavily relies on a stable internet connection. In situations of poor connectivity or outages, users may experience disruptions, impacting their ability to access critical applications and data.
  1. Limited Customization: While SaaS solutions offer a broad range of features, customization options may be limited. Businesses with highly specific or unique requirements might find it challenging to tailor the software to their exact needs.
  1. Subscription Costs Over Time: While SaaS often eliminates upfront costs, long-term subscription expenses can accumulate. Businesses may end up paying more over time than the cost of perpetual licenses, especially if they continue using the service for an extended period.
  1. Vendor Lock-in: Transitioning away from a SaaS provider can be complex due to data compatibility and migration challenges. This vendor lock-in can limit a business’s flexibility and make it challenging to switch to alternative solutions.
  1. Limited Control Over Updates: Automatic updates, while a benefit in terms of convenience, might present challenges for organizations that prefer to control when and how software updates are implemented. SaaS providers may introduce changes that affect user workflows without much warning.
  1. Data Ownership Concerns: Clarifying data ownership and control rights can be complex in SaaS agreements. Businesses should carefully review contracts to understand who owns the data, how it’s used, and what happens to it if the relationship with the SaaS provider ends.
  1. Regulatory Compliance Challenges: Industries with strict regulatory requirements may face challenges in ensuring that SaaS solutions comply with specific regulations. Businesses must assess whether a chosen SaaS provider aligns with their industry’s regulatory standards.

Comprehensive Analysis of Freshdesk

Freshdesk, a dynamic SaaS Helpdesk product, has emerged as a cornerstone in redefining customer support and engagement strategies. It is one of the most advanced AI-generated support management software that is available in the current marketplace.

This advanced support management system has the ability for a personalized ticket management system for the users. It will help you to manage the specific tickets and prioritize them based on customer requirements.

As a result, it helps the support agents to solve the customer’s problem more effectively. Also, customers are satisfied with the overall support system. 

Another fascinating feature of Freshdesk is its knowledge-based custom widgets. We know that the customers always face various difficulties while they are using any products. It might happen in most cases.

This knowledge base interface will always help the customers to find the right solution to their problems. For example, you can create a specific tutorial for a specific functionality of your product in the knowledge-based section.

Freshdesk has numerous essentials to manage the customer support system more efficiently. We are going to talk about them in this section.

At the heart of Freshdesk’s appeal is its user-friendly interface, designed for seamless navigation. The platform’s intuitive layout ensures that users, irrespective of technical expertise, can swiftly adapt and harness its functionalities.

Robust Ticketing Systems

One of Freshdesk’s standout features is its robust ticketing system. The platform efficiently manages and organizes customer inquiries, ensuring a systematic approach to issue resolution. 

This structured ticketing system enhances workflow efficiency, empowering support teams to address customer concerns promptly.

That’s why Freshdesk is considered an all-in-one solution in the world of customer support management tools. As you know, Freshdesk has mostly operated with AI-generated technology. 

So it speeds up the ticket management system of the software. Because its self-service AI-based functionality helps the customers to solve their issues more effectively. For example, you can create various responses based on some common issues related to software functionality. 

Also, the AI-enhanced ticket management system is always helpful for improving the support agent productivity. Freshdesk has an AI copilot called Freddy. This copilot is helpful on multiple assisting on various tasks such as suggesting responses, recommending actions, etc.

So it definitely impacts the overall productivity of the agent’s productivity.

You know that teamwork is a powerful factor for growing any type of business. You need to ensure full facility of a good teamwork environment.

Automation Capabilities

Freshdesk’s automation capabilities prove instrumental in streamlining repetitive tasks. From automated ticket assignments to predefined responses, the platform leverages automation to enhance operational efficiency. 

Businesses can optimize workflows, reduce manual workload, and focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

The Freshdesk automation system is entirely AI-powered. It can help to run most customer support management tasks automatically. It’s a kind of autopilot system for the users. It reduces the extra effort of managing various tasks.

This AI-powered automation system fully fills tasks like customer inquiries, support tasks assigned, creating to-do lists, etc. This amazing opportunity will help you to save more time and spend on crafting better solutions for the customers. 

Insights and Analytics

There is no doubt that informative insights always help in the growth of any type of business and organization. Just look at any sector that might be marketing, sales, or customer support. Freshdesk offers the most comprehensive analytical data to their users with a variety of features.

Unlocking actionable insights is pivotal for informed decision-making. Freshdesk provides in-depth analytics, empowering organizations to glean valuable information from customer interactions.

These insights aid in refining strategies, identifying trends, and continuously improving the quality of customer support. 

In Freshdesk you can access built-in analytical reports. It can provide you with data like helpdesk performance, customer data, team performance, etc. For example, if you look at the helpdesk performance option you can see information like –

  • Average response time.
  • Average resolution time.
  • Average first response time.
  • Average first assigned time.

This proper filtering data will give you a complete view of the entire helpdesk performance. With the help of these insights, you can easily make plans for improving and implementing new solutions for your customers.

Along with that, you must understand your customer’s feelings about your support system. It’s especially a very important part of your entire support management system. 

If you know your customers, how will you give them what they want? Isn’t that very simple?

Well, it’s a very simple and normal thing. Basically, Freshdesk has defined the customer’s ratings in three points such as neutral, positive, and negative. So the customers can after getting their support from the agents.

You can easily monitor the percentage of the customer’s ratings from the analytical option.

Also, Freshdesk caters to businesses of varying sizes, offering scalability that adapts to evolving organizational needs. 

Whether a startup or an enterprise, the flexibility of Freshdesk allows seamless integration into existing processes, making it an adaptable solution for diverse business landscapes.

Editors Guide

It was a long discussion between self-hosted WordPress plugins and SaaS tools. We think you already understand which is better. Isn’t it?

  • First, WordPress offers you lots of exclusive features at a reliable price. Besides that, each plugin is constantly updated with new features. 

On the other hand, SaaS is more expensive than self-hosted plugins. 

  • Secondly, WordPress environments are more secure than the SaaS system. Because you can control all the data and information within the self-hosted plugins. However, SaaS products are cloud-based tools that are controlled by the owner. 

So, there is a chance of a security breach. Will it be beneficial for you at all? Well, you know the answer. From our comprehensive analysis, we must recommend you choose a good quality and well-reviewed self-hosted WordPress plugin for your site.

Not all expensive things are as beneficial as you think!

Final Words

We have come to the end of our discussion about the Freshdesk and Hive Support SaaS support plugin for WordPress websites. Each of them comes up with different benefits for the users. Basically, the SaaS Helpdesk is special for large-size companies or any organizations. 

Because it required a good amount of investment. On the other hand, Self-hosted WordPress plugins are more convenient and reliable for personal and small organizations.

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