Support Candy VS Hive Support

Comparing Support Candy VS Hive Support: Which One Reigns Supreme

Fahim Muntasir

1 May, 2024

Hey, are you looking for an effective support management plugin for your WordPress website? An effective support plugin is always helpful to satisfy the customer. In this article, we are going to make a logical comparison between Hive Support and Support Candy. Both are prominent support plugins. Let’s go to the full comparison.

⭐Why Customer Support Management is important?

Well, customer support means how you support your customers for your products or services. Basically, the customer support period starts after a successful sale. It is a very essential part of overall business growth.

There are some reasons why customer support is important.

1. Enhanced User Experience: Providing efficient customer support improves the overall user experience. Visitors to a website often have questions or encounter issues, and prompt and helpful support can ensure they have a positive interaction with your site. 

2. Issue Resolution: Websites can face technical problems or issues related to services or products. Customer support ensures that these issues are addressed quickly, preventing frustration among users and potential loss of business.

3. Customer Retention: Happy customers are more likely to return to your website. Good customer support can not only resolve current issues but also create loyal customers who continue to engage with your site.

4. Feedback Collection: Customer support interactions can provide valuable feedback and insights into user preferences and pain points. This data can inform website improvements, leading to better user experiences.

🔥Support Candy VS Hive Support: Logical Comparison🔥

UI Design

What do you think about the UI design of any plugin or software? Well, the user interface design means the whole design of the entire plugin. Which indicates how it looks to the users. Why is the user interface so important?

A good and polished-looking interface always attracts the user to stay and interact with that. Basically, it’s basic human nature. You can’t even ignore or deny that. Most of us think that only tool functionality matters. But that’s not right.

So, let’s look at the Hive Support user interface.

Now let’s look at the user interface of the Support Candy. 

Do you feel the difference between the user interface of these two plugins? First, see the Hive Supports UI design. It’s a more polished and modern-looking design. All the functions and data are more visible. So the audience can easily navigate them.

Alongside, it creates a minimalist and slick vibe to the interface. On the other hand, the user interface of the Support Candy is more classic-looking. Dashboard functions are not navigable at all.

The overall look does not only impact the appearance of the plugin, but also it impacts the overall navigation system of the plugin.

Finally, we can decide who is the winner of the UI Design category. It’s up to our readers. Who do you think is the winner in this category? 

👉 Well, Hive Support is the winner in the UI design category.

Report Management

Proper report management is a huge factor for any type of support management plugin or tool. Without report data, you can’t understand and manage your support system based on the user’s demands. 

So let’s see all the report-related facilities of the Hive Support – Support Management plugin

As you can see, this plugin has a well-organized report management option for the users. You can track the analytics of the various factors of the tickets such as –

  • Ticket Received.
  • Ticket Resolved.
  • Ticket Unresolved.

Besides that, it has options for tracking the agent’s performance. You can easily see which agent replied with how many tickets. It will give you a proper idea about your support agent’s activities. Indeed, report management is the most useful feature for any website owner.

But the sad news is Support Candy doesn’t have any report management-related features at all. This is one of the biggest failings for this plugin. Can you even imagine who will win in this category?

👉 Hive Support is definitely the winner in the category of report management. 

Integration Flexibility

Integration functionality is paramount for a WordPress support plugin as it significantly elevates user experience and operational efficiency.

A support plugin with robust integration capabilities seamlessly connects with a variety of third-party tools and services, transforming it into a versatile solution that caters to diverse user requirements.

By effortlessly integrating with CRM software, ticketing systems, and communication platforms, the plugin creates a unified ecosystem. This interconnectedness not only streamlines workflows but also minimizes manual data entry, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. 

Let’s look at the Hive Support Integration facility. 

As you can see there are multiple integration options for Facebook, Telegram, Slack, Discord, and ChatGPT. As a support plugin, it’s necessary to have these tool integration options. Most of the tools are communication-related.

Now let’s have a look at the integration functions of the Support Candy

Well, there are various tools that you can integrate with tools like Slack, Gravity Forms, multiple popular FAQ plugins, knowledge-based plugins, etc.

In fact, Hive Support has more integration features than Support Candy. So, what do you think? Who is the winner of this game? 

👉 Hive Support is the winner in this integration part.


Finally, we have come to the last point of our comparison between these two plugins. We know the pricing is a crucial factor in choosing the plugin. First, we will look at the pricing of the Hive Support plugin.

Currently, Hive Support has three different packages for the users. 

✅ Free – $0

  • Basic ticket features.
  • Maxim 3 support agents.
  • Ticket reports.

✅ Pro/Annually – $99 (Single site license)

  • Basic ticket features.
  • Unlimited Support Agent.
  • Agent performance reports.
  • Automated workflow.
  • Ticket Reports.
  • Email piping.
  • Saved responses.
  • Custom ticket fields.
  • Integrations.
  • Priority support.

✅ Business/Annually – $749 (50 sites license)

  • Basic ticket features.
  • Unlimited support agents.
  • Agent performance reports.
  • Automated workflow.
  • Ticket reports.
  • Email piping.
  • Saved responses.
  • Custom ticket fields.
  • Integrations. 
  • Priority support.

In the free version of Hive Support, you can access a very limited amount of features. On the other hand, Pro and Business packages offer tons of features for the users. Also, only the Pro version is usable for a single site. However, the Business package will allow the user to use 50 websites.

Now let’s look at the pricing of the Support Candy plugin.

  • Personal – $79 – 1 Site license.
  • Professional – $149 – 5 Site license.
  • Agency – $299 – 20 Site license.

In comparison between the price of these two plugins, Support Candy is more reasonable than the Hive Support plugin. Support Candy offers 20 site licenses at $299 dollars. Where Hive Support offers 50 site licenses for $749. 

There is not such a significant difference between the prices of these two plugins. 

👉 In terms of the plugin price both plugins are similar.

➕ Bonus – Tips for Improving Customer Support Management

We hope this comparison will help you to choose the right ticket management plugin for your WordPress website. Now we are going to share some essential tips to boost the customer support system for your website.

By following all these tips you can take your customer support management system into another level. 

Let’s explore them properly. 

  • Knowledge Base: Create a comprehensive knowledge base with FAQs, articles, and tutorials. This can help customers find answers to common questions on their own, reducing the need for direct support.
  • Multi-Channel Support: Offer support through various channels such as email, phone, and social media. Make sure inquiries are channeled to the appropriate agents for efficient resolution.
  • Ticketing System: Implement a ticketing system to track and manage customer issues. This allows for organized prioritization and ensures that no request falls through the cracks.
  • Training for Support Agents: Continuously train your support team in customer service skills, product knowledge, and problem-solving techniques. Well-trained agents can provide better assistance.
  • Use Customer Feedback: Gather and analyze customer feedback to identify common pain points and areas that need improvement. This data can guide your support strategy.
  • Personalization: Make an effort to personalize interactions with customers. Address them by name and use their previous interactions to provide context and a more personalized experience.
  • Automation: Utilize chatbots and automated responses for routine inquiries. This frees up human agents to focus on more complex issues.
  • Performance Metrics: Define and measure key performance metrics like response times, resolution times, customer satisfaction, and first-contact resolution. Use these metrics to identify areas for improvement.
  • Escalation Process: Develop a clear escalation process for handling complex or unresolved issues. Ensure customers know how to escalate their concerns if needed.
  • Quality Assurance: Implement a quality assurance program to review support interactions and provide feedback to agents. This helps maintain consistency and quality in customer service.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Ensure that your website and support interface are user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for customers to navigate and find the help they need.
  • 24/7 Support: If feasible, offer round-the-clock support to accommodate customers in different time zones and address urgent issues promptly.

Final Thoughts

Throughout the entire discussion, we went through a full-fledged logical comparison between Hive Support and Support Candy. We compared based on factors like

  • UI Design.
  • Report Management.
  • Integration Flexibility.
  • Pricing. 

Hive Support owns three of the categories. In the pricing category, both plugins remain the same. But you know Hive Support offers you tons of features than the Support Candy. If you want a good quality & featureful plugin, you must spend more money for this.

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