A Deep Dive into Zendesk vs. Hive Support – Ultimate Analysis

Fahim Muntasir

20 February, 2024

Maybe you are looking for customer support tools for your website.

Also, you are confused about which is the right tool for you. Isn’t it? Just wait a second! Before choosing any random tool, just go through this entire article. 

We are going to talk about two of the prominent tools –

  • Hive Support – WordPress Customer Support Plugin
  • ZenDesk – Customer Service Software (SaaS)

We will talk about all the necessary features & benefits of these two tools. 

We can assure you that WordPress plugins are always more convenient than SaaS tools. From this discussion, you will get a proper idea about that.

So let’s go there!

Importance of Customer Support System

A well-implemented support system can also gather valuable feedback, helping companies improve their products and services based on user needs and concerns. 

In essence, prioritizing customer support contributes significantly to overall website success and customer retention.

  • Enhanced User Experience: A responsive customer support system contributes to a seamless and positive user experience, ensuring visitors feel supported and valued.
  • Trust Building: Promptly addressing customer inquiries or issues through a support system establishes trust. Customers are more likely to engage with a website that demonstrates a commitment to resolving problems.
  • Issue Resolution: A robust support system allows for quick identification and resolution of problems. This helps prevent potential frustrations for users, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Positive Relationships: Customer support serves as a vital communication channel, fostering positive relationships between businesses and their customers. Building a connection beyond transactions can result in long-term loyalty.
  • Feedback Collection: An effective support system provides a platform for customers to share feedback. This valuable information can be used to improve products, services, and overall user satisfaction.

A Comprehensive Analysis of ZenDesk

Zendesk is a customer service platform designed to help businesses manage and improve customer interactions. It offers a suite of tools, including ticketing, live chat, and knowledge base features. 

With Zendesk, companies can centralize customer inquiries, track support requests, and streamline communication across various channels.    

The platform aims to enhance customer satisfaction by providing efficient and personalized support. Additionally, Zendesk offers analytics and reporting tools to help businesses gain insights into their customer support performance. 

Core Features of ZenDesk

Well, there is no doubt that Zendesk is one of the prominent customer support software companies. In this section, we are going to discuss the core features of ZenDesk. 

Powerful Automation Functionality

Zendesk vs. Hive Support

Currently, ZenDesk’s core and attractive functionality is its automation features. Zendesk has the most comprehensive AI technology to provide better service to billions of customers.

Basically, this technology automatically detects the customer experience and implements support services based on that. As a result, you can provide personalized support to your customers. 

Besides that, Zendesk’s bots are smarter than regular bots. It can automatically recognize most of the issues and provide a better solution to the users. Also, it automatically finds the right human agents to solve the issue more efficiently.

So it improves the customer’s support speed and ensures high-quality service. 

You know the analytical data is very important for the overall growth of any business or service. When you get effective data about your users or customers, you can set up your business plan more strategically.

Zendesk will provide you with proper AI insights about the overall support management system. It can help you to provide fully customized and effective support to users.

Advanced Workforce Management

Better task management always remains an essential part of customer support service. As you know there are multiple queries coming from the customers. So your main goal becomes solving those issues and ensuring a satisfactory answer.

You will be glad to know that Zendesk has an additional companion called Tymeshift. 

It’s highly effective for scheduling customer service-related tasks in the easiest way. It will help you to create multiple tire ticket categories based on the demands.

Zendesk vs. Hive Support

The main feature of Tymeshift is its fully customized scheduling option.

You can easily schedule the tickets based on the breaks of your support agents. That means you can schedule any of the agent’s tasks, breaks, etc from this option.

Zendesk vs. Hive Support

As you can see multiple support agents are scheduled for the specific tier tasks based on time. Basically, it’s really helpful for managing all the agents’ tasks and their timing. Especially if you have a large company, this is a must-have option for you.

Because you definitely have numerous support agents to solve various issues of the customers. Each of the agents is appointed for a specific type of task.

Along with that, this functionality is also essential for the support agent. It has a very easy user interface. So they can easily operate it from the dashboard of the tools. 

Real-Time Data Monitoring

Proper data management is a focus factor for any type of IT business. In fact, data is an essential part of any sector, be it IT or any other. 

Without analyzing the data, you can’t be able to measure the growth. Also, the data will be helpful for creating new strategies for your business. In ZenDesk, you don’t need to be worried about the data.

It will provide you with real-time data about all the agents and their tasks.

It has a filterable report dashboard for data monitoring. Here you can easily monitor the agent status based on various tires. In the dashboard, you can see elements like

  • Activity.
  • Ticket Number.
  • Activity Duration.
  • Adherence.
  • Status.
  • Status duration.

Another fascinating option is you can see the agent activity timeline.

As you can see there is a well-detailed timeline sheet. The activities are defined by multiple colors. You can customize the activity and color based on your demands. You see there is a user summary option on the right side of the page. It shows all the necessary information with proper time duration.

Besides that, you can easily create various types of templates for report management.

In the reports section, you can easily various information such as –

  • Solved problems – The points will be counted from the solved tickets.
  • Attended points – Attended points will be determined by the agent’s ticket attendance numbers.
  • Ticket Time – The total ticket time of the agents.
  • Total Time – The total active time of the support agent.
  • Average Handle Time – Maximum spending time on a single ticket.

Not only that. Do you have any idea about the real-time dashboard? ZenDesk has come up with a real-time customizable dashboard function for their users. 

You can easily edit the dashboard whenever you want. It’s fully customizable to make your dashboard more effective.

A Comprehensive Analysis of Hive Support

Now we are going to introduce you to the advanced WordPress ticket management plugin called Hive Support. It’s specially built for WordPress website owners to properly manage their customer support system. 

Hive Support has numerous types of support-related features for the users. We are going to discuss those essential features in the further section of this article.

Hopefully, this comprehensive analysis will help you to understand the overall potentiality of the WordPress support ticket plugins

Organized Ticket Management System

Are you stressed about managing support tickets on your WordPress website?

Well, it’s very easy if you choose Hive Support for your website. Because Hive Support has the most comprehensive interface optimizing your overall customer management system. Let’s have a look at the ticket interface of the plugin.

This complete interface will show you the necessary data about tickets. Such as –

  • Open Tickets: Number of tickets that are open by the support agents.
  • Tickets waiting to reply: Number of pending tickets.
  • Active Tickets: Total number of active tickets.
  • Resolved tickets: Show the number of resolved tickets.

So what do you get from here? You can see the overall conditions of the support tickets. This is not the end. Also, you can easily filter out all the tickets on your website based on multiple factors. Such as

  • Status.
  • Priority.
  • Assignee.
  • Product.
  • Creation Date.

It will help you analyze the specific type of tickets that are specially assigned to the specific agent.

Proper Support Agent Management

It might be a hassle for you to manage all of your customer support agents. Each of them plays a specific role in your overall customer service management system.

Whenever you choose any support plugin, It must have this organized functionality in it. 

Otherwise, it will be difficult to provide the best support to the customers. I

In Hive Support, you will get the most essential Agent Management functionality. Let’s focus on the overall function of it.

As you can see you can easily add the support agents with essential details: user’s email address, First name, Last name, Admin, and password.  Besides that, you signify their role from here. Such as you can choose the agent Add as an Admin.

As you can see we added a support agent as an admin here. So you can easily monitor how many tickets they replied to or the number of solved tickets. 

From the right side of the page, you remove or edit the support agent’s roles and information. As you can see Hive Support has the most flexible support staff management functionality. 

Pre-developed Saved Responses

Speed up your customer service management with saved responses. Well, what are the saved responses? 

Basically, you can save the relevant solutions of your customers in this section. 

For example, a customer wants to know “How to customize payment options in WooCommerce”

Now they ask the question in the support section. You have already saved the response to this query. So any of your support agents can easily reply to the queries more easily.

Hive Support gives you a fully organized functionality for response management. Now you can easily create and save multiple responses for the users with different types of templates. There is no boundary. You can make unlimited numbers of responses for the support engineers. So they can help the customers.

Along with that Hive Support offers various types of functionality. Some of the common functions are –

  • Live Chat
  • Smartphone Apps
  • Advanced Automation
  • AI-enhanced functionality.
  • Integration with famous tools.

Final Words

Throughout our discussion, we have talked about two different types of customer service-related tools. Both of them have huge benefits for the users. Also, there are some problems with SaaS customer support tools. Those problems are –

  • More expensive than WordPress plugins.
  • Extra maintenance cost.
  • Security issues.

WordPress support plugins like Hive Support offer you tons of features at a more reasonable price. Besides that using WordPress plugins means you can control all the data on your own. So which is the better option for you? Definitely, you can choose Hive Support for your website.

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