Managing the support agents can be a hassle. Because there might be numerous agents with multiple types of specialized designations. Hive Support has the easiest interface to manage the support agents.

We have numerous functions for adding and editing the agent’s info and assigning them based on different access permissions. In this section, we are going to explore and give you a proper guide about it more specifically. So, let’s jump on there.

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard. Now navigate to this following path – Hive Support > Agents.

You can easily add the support staff within a few clicks. When you enter the agent’s menu, you will see the options of adding the agents for the support tickets. To add the support stuff just add their necessary information in here. Such as –

  • Job Title – Fill up the designation of the support agent.
  • First Name – Fill up the first name of the support agent.
  • Last Name – Fill up the last name of the support agent.
  • Email Address – Fill up the email address of the support agents.

Choose the access permission very carefully. Basically, the permission will define the role of each agent. As permission, choose from the following options.

  • Tickets 
  • Responses
  • Agents 
  • Activities
  • Reports
  • Automation
  • Settings

With all these permissions, you can easily specify the role of the agents. Finally, click on the Add stuff on the right section of the page.

Also, you can see the staff list from the bottom section of the page. It will show the activities data of your agents such as –

  • Title – Title of the support agents.
  • Assigned – Numbers of assigned tickets to the agents.
  • Solved – Numbers of solved tickets by the customers.
  • Email – Support agent’s email address.

From the action menu, you can edit the information about the agents. Now tap on the Edit menu. If you want, you can delete the agent from list.

You can easily change all the information about the agents. After changing the necessary data, just click on the update stuff staff button. By the way, you can add the Slack ID and Telegram ID of the agents.

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