Enabling Live Chat

Enabling the live chat features along with support tickets is essential for improving the customer service experience of any website. Live chat means more flexible and faster customer support for the users.

Whenever they want to ask any question, they just have to tap the live chat option and start the conversation. In Hive Support we have advanced live chat features for the users. Along with that, we also have AI-enhanced live chat functions. It will boost the overall response time and customer satisfaction.

So let’s explore the live chat features.

  • Go to the Hive Supports Dashboard > Live Chat.
  • This is the live chat Analytics interface of Hive Support. 

In the upper portion of the page, you will see different metrics of chat such as –

  • Total Chat.
  • Waiting Chat.
  • Open Chat.
  • Resolved chat.

Along with that, you can see all the current and previous chat history. The history will be shown with data like – 

  1. Status – Chat status is filtered by metrics like Open, Waiting, and Closed.
  2. Assign – If the chat is assigned to an agent, you will see the name of that agent. Also, it shows the Not Assigned status.
  3. Updated – Show the response timing of the chat in the updated section.

By clicking each chat, you can see all the conversations between the agents and the customers. It will give you full flexibility in monitoring the activities.

  • You can easily change the chat status, assigned agents, last update time, and created time.

Well, we have explored the overall analytics menu of the live chat section. Now let’s see how the live chat options show on the live website. 

  • The live chat feature will appear in the right bottom section of the page. When the user clicks on the button, the chat menu will pop up.

Hive Supports chat has four different options.

  • Home Tab

Users can search relevant articles about common issues from the home tab of the live chat. It will show the relevant articles based on the user’s intentions.

  • Messaging Tab

The second section is the messaging or live chat function. By clicking the “Send Us Your Query” user can start a conversation with the agents.

  • Ai Chat

Also, Hive Supports live chat is fully integrated with Chatgpt. So the customer can get assistance with the AI and get a faster solution. Along with that, you can access the Help tab from the question-marked menu.

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