Responses Management

To improve the support ticket management productivity, saved responses always help. Saved responses mean you can save specific replies to solutions for the customers. So, you can save some common responses for them.

Whenever your customer faces any issue, support agents can easily reply to them from the saved replies. Hive Support has the most effective interface for saved responses. Let’s explore that feature properly.
Go to the Dashboard of your WordPress website. Now navigate to the Hive Support > Responses.

As you can see this is the response menu. To add the new response click on the Add a Template button. Here you can save an unlimited number of templates for the ticket replies. The template editing interface will pop up on the page.

  • First, you have to set a “Response Question”. You can choose a commonly asked question that is often asked by the customers.
  • Then you have to write the Response Answer.
  • Now fill up the question section and write a proper answer for that query. After filling up all the information, tap the Add button.

You can also edit the template whenever you want. Also, you can delete the unused template within a few clicks. However, let’s see how the response template works on Hive Support.

  • Go to your Hive Supports Dashboard > Tickets.

Now choose the ticket that matches the response template. For example, our customer wanted to enable the default dark mode on their website. So we have already created a response for the answer – How to enable the default dark mode on Darklup.

Now navigate to the right bottom section of the ticket. You will find the Template section. So choose the template and reply to the ticket faster.

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