Slack Integration

There is no doubt that Slack is one of the best communication tools for users. So, the Slack integration will automatically enhance the response speed of the support management system.

We already know the importance of Slack. It’s often used for team communication in an office or any type of organization. In this section, we will discuss how to integrate the slack with Hive Support.

So are you ready to explore the full process? Let’s go there.

  • First, go to your WordPress Dashboard. Now navigate to the Hive Support > Settings > Integration.
Slack Integration

Setup Slack API #

To set up the Slack API, you have to go to the Slack API website. From the website, you have to create an app for integration.

After entering the website, click on the Your Apps option from the upper right section of the page.

slack api
  • This will take you to the API integration interface of Slack.
slack api settings

Now we need to create a Slack API app. So click on the Create an App button from the middle section of the page.

Create slack api

For the app configuration, Slack API has two different options –

  • From scratch – You can configure the API manually from the beginning with new info, settings, and features.
  • From an app manifest – If you have any existing configuration that was previously created, you can use the configuration data for creating the new app.

We will choose the first option for creating the API manually from the start. So, choose the From scratch option.

To create the Workspace you have to fill up the following information about your Slack channel.

  • App Name – Provide a proper name for your API. By the way, you can do it whenever you want.
  • Pick a workspace to develop your app in – Choose the Slack workspace that you want to connect with the API.

After filling in all the information click on the Create App button.

First, we will enable the Slack notifications system for the Hive Support ticketing system. So we have to set up the OAuth & Permissions for the API. So navigate to the OAuth & Permissions option from features settings.

  • Scroll down the page and go to the section called Scopes. Basically scopes option is used for customizing the app permissions. 
  • Choose the Auth permission as – calls: write. Also, you have to add the OAuth tokens for your Slack workspace. So scroll up to the top section of the page.

After clicking the install to Workspace, it will give you a Bot User OAuth Token. 

You have to use this token in your Slack channel to integrate the API with your channel.

Add the Slack Channel with Hive Support #

So, the time has come to add the Slack channel to our Hive Support ticketing system. First, we need the Slack channel ID

For that purpose, we need to create a new channel on our Slack Workspace. So let’s create the channel. Go to your Slack Workspace > Add Channels > Create a new channel.

  • Provide a proper channel name. Tap to the next button.

Well, you can choose the channel visibility as public or private. Finally, click on the Create button.

  • Go to your Slack Workspace. Now navigate to your created channel for ticket integration.

Tap to the channel name from the upper section of the channel. The channel info section will pop up. Now copy the Slack channel name (Without the # symbol) and the Channel ID

Well, we have all our necessary data for the integration process such as –

  • Channel Name. 
  • Channel ID.
  • Bot User OAuth Token.

So we have to add these credentials to the Slack Integration settings of Hive Support.

  • Go to the following path – Hive Support > Settings > Integrations > Slack Integration Settings.

Properly fill up all this necessary information. You can also enable/disable the notification conditions such as –

  • Ticket Created 
  • Ticket Closed 
  • Ticket Replied

Now we have to integrate the channel with our Slack API. So let’s go to our created Slack channel > Integrations

  • Tap on the Add an App button from the App option.

As you can see our created Slack apps are listed here. Now just tap on the add button. Well, our Slack integration is fully ready. It’s time to enable the ticket reply function for the channel.

So let’s get back to the Slack API settings and navigate to the Features > Event Subscription.

  • Tap the turn-on button to enable the events for the Slack integration.

Now we need the webhook URL of Hive Support to add the event on it. Lets get back to the Hive Supports Slack Integration settings.

Now just copy the URL from here. Go to the Event Subscription settings > Request URL.

Now our Slack integration with Hive Support is almost ready. Now we have to check it and see how it works. 

  • So, let’s make a ticket from our live site. 

Tap to the submit button to create the new ticket. The ticket will be added to the Hive Supports tickets panel.

Along with that, the ticket will be added to the Slack channel. Go to your Slack channel to show and reply to the ticket.

As you can see, our created ticket is now shown on our integrated channel. Now you can easily reply to the tickets. The reply will also be added to the website.

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