Reports Management

Let’s explore the Reports function of the Hive Support. Our Hive Support plugin has the most organized report analysis section for the users. It will show you various kinds of report-related data.

By the way, this page is accessible based on permission. For example, only the Owner/Admin can give access to the support agents to see the information on this page.

  • To navigate the report section go to the following path – WordPress Dashboard – Hive Support. 
  • Now go to the Report menu from the right menu bar.

As you can see, we have come to the report section. In the first section of the page, you can see the Ticket Stats. The Status will be shown as two different factors such as 

  • Received (Blue) – Show the metrics of received tickets.
  • Undefined (Green) – Show the metrics of undefined tickets.

Each factor is signified by the colors such as blue, and green. The stats bar will show you based on dates. Also, you can easily filter out the ticket stats based on various durations – 

  • 7 Days 
  • 10 Days 
  • 15 Days 
  • 30 Days

So, you can get a precise result by filtering out the dates.

Choose the dates filtering menu bar from the upper right section of the page. When you choose a specific bar, it will show you the total number of tickets with the dates.

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