Email Notification

The email notification system is another effective feature of Hive Support. It’s especially helpful for improving the fluency of the support system. What do the email notifications do? Well, basically it sends emails to the customers based on different occurrences such as – tickets created, tickets replied, tickets assigned, etc.

So, the customers get notified faster. So it definitely enhances the overall customer support management system. In this section, we will show you how you can enable the email notification for your user.

  • Go to the Hive Support Dashboard > Settings > Email Notification.

Currently, Hive Support has the facility for sending emails on six different statuses. There are email templates that are created based on each email status. Those templates are – 

  • 1# Send Email When: Ticket Assigned (To Agent)
  • 2# Send Email When: Ticket Created (To Admin/Agent)
  • 3# Send Email When: Replied by Customer (To Admin/Agent)
  • 4# Send Email When: Ticket Created by Agent (To Customer)
  • 5# Send Email When: Ticket Closed by Agent (To Customer)
  • 6# Send Email When: Ticket Replied by Agent (To Customer)

Let’s explore the first template.

This email notification will be automatically sent to the customer when the ticket is assigned to the agent. 

  • As you can see the format of the subject line of the email – Ticket Assigned: Ticket Title and Ticket Id.
  • Also, you can customize the email description from the email body section.

By following this process you can easily edit all the email notification templates as you want.

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