Telegram Integration

Now you can easily integrate the Telegram messaging service tool with Hive Support. Telegram Integration will make your support system more reliable. After integrating with Telegram, it will send the notifications to the person’s inbox. It also sends the notifications to the telegram groups.

Go to your Hive Support Dashboard > Settings > Integration. You will see all the integration options from there. Now select the Telegram option from there.

  • Tap to the enable button to turn on the Telegram Integration function. 

To integrate Hive Support with Telegram, we need a bot token. First, go to your Telegram account and search for @BotFather.

Remember to choose the verified BotFather bot. Now click on the Start Button. So we need to create a new bot for our integration process.

  • To create a new bot you have to write this command – /newbot

After sending the command it will ask you to choose a bot name. So write a relevant bot name based on your preference. Also, provide a proper user name for the bot. 

As you can see, we got our bot token for the integration process. We have to use this token in our Hive Supports Telegram integration settings. So properly copy the bot token from here.

Go back to the Dashboard of the Hive Support plugin. Navigate to the following path – Settings > Integration > Telegram Integration Settings.

As you can see, there is an option for placing the bot token. So paste the Telegram bot token in here. Now we need a channel ID for bot integration.

Well, we have to create a new channel in our Telegram. 

To create a new channel, tap on the upper right menu of the telegram. It will show you the options for creating a channel in Telegram. Properly fill up the information and create a channel.

Now you have to create a bot admin access for your channel. So go to your Channel.

  • Now go to your Manage Channel section and navigate to the Adminstrator section.
  • You have to add the bot administrator here. So search with the bot name that you created previously and add it as administrator.

Now forward a massage to the bot called “Json Dump Bot”. It will give you the channel id with other informations.

  • Find the “forward_from_chat” and copy the id from here. It is your channel ID.

So we have already got our bot token. Also, we got the channel. Now it is time to use these credentials to our Hive Supports Telegram settings. Go to the Hive Support > Telegram Integration Settings.

Well, now properly fill up the Telegram Bot Token and Telegram Channel ID section. Along with that enable/disable the response options such as –

  • Ticket Created.
  • Ticket Closed.
  • Ticket Replied.

After filling up all the information click on the Save settings option. Our integration process is almost ready. Now we have to assign a support staff for the tickets. For that purpose, we need the chat ID. 

Go to your Telegram Channel > Json Dump Bot. Now type any message, It will show you the Chat ID.

As you can see we have got our chat id. Now copy the ID for further use. Go to your Hive Support Dashboard > Agents.

Now tap to the Agent edit button from the Actions section. 

As you can see, you can easily edit all the necessary informations of your support staff such as –

  • Job Title 
  • Name
  • Integration ID – Slack & Telegram
  • Access Permissions

In the Telegram ID section past the chat id here. Finally click on the update staff button. Well our integration process it entirely complete.

Now we have to create a new ticket on the live site to show how the integration process works on the Telegram.

Tap to the submit button to add the ticket. The ticket will be automatically added to our integrated Telegram channel.

As you can see our ticket is added to our Telegram channel. Now you can easily the tickets and continue the conversation with your customers from the Telegram platform.

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