How to Customize Live Chat Menu

Hive Support also has options for customizing the Live Chat menu. So that you can make the live chat more convenient and user-friendly for the customers. 

In this section, we are going to show you the process of customizing the Live Chat function from the Chat Widget settings.

Chat Widget Settings has three different features such as – 

  • Widget Status – From the widget status menu you can enable and disable the live chat widget for the website. 
  • Widget Settings – In the widget settings we have multiple options for editing the home tab, live massage tab, Ai chat tab, and help tab.

We will explore each tab’s settings and edit them. Navigate to the Widget Settings.

  • Our first option is editing the home tab settings. You can edit and add the Chat Window Home Title. Along with that, you can use the default image for the agents. Also, you can edit other elements like position title, and chat window home subtitle. 

In the bottom section of the page we have more options –

  • Enable Guest Chat – Turn on the live chat for guest chat.
  • Enable Guest Chat in the Home window – Turn on the Guest Chat in the Home window section.
  • Enable the User Chat section in the Home window – Turn on the User Chat section on the Home window bar.
  • Enable Article List section in the Home window – Turn on the Enable Article List section section on the Home window. So that the users can see the FAQ article.

Another effective feature you will find is User Chat Section Type. You can set the chat selection type as Form or Button.

  • Now we are going to edit the Live Message Tab
  • First, you can change the live massage Top Bar Title and provide your desired title.
  • Also, you can set a text, if the message box is empty. Besides that, you can change the “send message” button text. The help tab has the same customization functionality. Let’s look at it.
  • For example, there are options for customizing the Top bar title. 
  • Choose the post tab for help articles.

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