Custom Ticket Fields

Advanced custom ticket fields are always essential for better WordPress support customization. It will give you full flexibility to make your sites more convenient and user-friendly for your users. Especially, when you are providing customer support, you might have to add some extra text field or form to the ticket submission form. That’s why Hive Support included custom ticket field creation functions.

Now you can easily customize the specified ticket submission interface with it. In this section, we are going to show you how you can easily craft custom fields. By the way, you can craft the custom field for the specific Business Inboxes. Each business inbox will have a specified ticket submission interface for the customers.

Hive Support has a fully drag-and-drop feature for creating the fields. Let’s explore and learn how to add the custom ticket field on Hive Support.

  • First, Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Hive Support > Settings > Custom Ticket Field.

This is the custom ticket creation interface. Currently, you can add six different types of custom form fields on the ticket. Such as –

  • Text Field – Text fields are essential for inputting single-line texts. You can use it for any type of massage or information.
  • Textarea Field – Textarea fields are effective for inputting multiline texts.
  • Number Field – Number fields are used for inputting numbers such as phone number, amount, count, etc.
  • Dropdown Field – Dropdown field elements are used for creating any type of dropdown menu.
  • Radio Field – Radio field elements are essential for creating a list of options. So the user can choose any option from multiple. 
  • Checkbox Field – It’s kind of similar to the radio field. Checkbox fields contain numerous options in it. So, users can choose multiple options from here.

We hope you get a proper idea about each field. Now you can add each field by dragging down them.

As you can see just drag your needed field and drop it to the custom ticket submission form area. You can also edit each field and set their destined business inbox.

Tap to the settings button of the field. Settings will pop up on the screen.

  • You can change the field label and name it with your own preference.
  • You can input custom CSS class code for the text field.
  • Include specified error messages in the text field.
  • Finally, choose the business inbox for the field. You can select multiple inboxes for each field. For example, created a specific custom ticket submission form for multiple business inboxes.

After changing the necessary data just tap the Save button. By following this process you have set up all the fields properly. Otherwise, it will not show on the live website.

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