Discord Integration

Hive Support has full functionality to integrate Discord with its ticket management system. Now you can easily respond and maintain all the tickets from your Discord channel. We are going to show you the full process of integrating Discord with Hive Support.

First, Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Hive Support > Settings > Integration.

Hopefully, you already have a Discord account. We need to create a discord server & channel for your integration. In this channel, you will get all the notifications of the Hive Support tickets.

  • So, go to the settings of your discord channel.

Now tap on the settings option of the channel. After going to Settings, navigate to the integration option. 

Tap to the Create Webhook button. Provide a name for your webhook and choose the channel.

We need the webhook URL to add it to the Hive Supports Discord integration settings. Just copy the URL from here.

  • Go to your Hive Support plugin dashboard. Now navigate to the Settings > Integrations > Discord Integration Settings.
  • Tap to the Save Settings button. Well, now our discord channel is integrated with your Hive Support ticket management system.

Now we have to create a new ticket to show the integration process works properly. So let’s create a new ticket. 

As you can see, after submitting the ticket, it arrives at our Discord channel. 

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