In your WordPress website, you might manage various types of business. Such as software business, service-based business, etc. It’s necessary to have different sections for different category products.

Hive Support’s business inbox will do the same. With the help of a business inbox, you can easily create multiple ticket sections for different places on your website.

In this section, we will show you how you can easily create a business inbox. So let’s explore this properly.

  • First, Go to our Hive Support plugins Dashboard > Settings > Business Inbox.

This is the interface of the Business Inbox. As you can see we have already created a business here. Let’s make another business inbox to show you the full process.

  • You can easily edit and delete the existing business inbox. Each business inbox has a specific shortcode. Copy the shortcode from here and paste it on a specific page of your website. The ticket interface will appear there.
  • Users can also create new tickets from here. They have to click on the new ticket button.

Here is the new ticket creation interface. Now let’s see how you can easily create a business inbox for your website user.

  • Tap to the (+) button from the upper right section of the page. The Business Inbox creation interface will appear in will open up.

Well, this is the business inbox interface. Remember, fill up the information very carefully. You can create two different types of business inboxes.

  • Web-Based – Users and support agents can only access the business inbox from the website.
  • Email and Web Based – Along with the website users can take the support through their email. For example, if a user sends a query to the business inbox, it will automatically create a support ticket on the website.

So, choose the type based on your own preference. 

First, let’s create a web-based business inbox. Select the business inbox type as web-based.

  • Provide a relatable name for the inbox. Let’s assume, we are creating the business inbox for SEO service. So set the name as this.
  • Now add a support email for the business inbox. It should be your website’s support email for customer communication.
  • Also, add an admin email for the business inbox. So the admin can monitor these inbox responses. Admin will get notified automatically when a new response will arrive.
  • You can also add footer customization text for the business inbox.

After filling up all the information, just click on the Add New Inbox button to save the business inbox.

After adding the business inbox it will appear in the Mailbox list. Each business inbox has a specific shortcode. You can use the shortcodes for your setting them on your live website. Paste the shortcode on your website.

How to Add Business Inbox on your Website #

We have created multiple business inboxes in our Hive Support plugin. Now we are going to show you the process of adding the inboxes on any page of our website. As you already know each business inbox has individual shortcodes. You can easily use them on any relevant page.

  • For example, we will add the “Tech Support” business inbox on a new page. Go to the following path – WordPress Dashboard > Pages > Add New Page.
  • As you can see this is our new page. Let’s add the business inbox shortcode that we have copied from Hive Support.
  • Tap to the (+) and choose the shortcode option.
  • We have added the shortcode. Now just tap on the Publish button from the upper right section of the page.

This is our “Tech Support” business inbox. Now any user can create the new tickets from here. Let’s explore the ticket interface.

  • In the message section, customers can add and reply responses for support.
  • Also, customers can add images and files along with the messages.

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